10 Apr 2020
Newtownards - Easter - Three Nights Rally - CANCELLED

10 days 03 hours and 43 minutes until our next rally
You may remember an article we had in the magazine for a time called "Me and My Van" (see PDF example attached if not). This was a really lovely way of hearing different members' stories and we are now trying to revive the feature to get more Club-oriented content back into the magazine.
We wondered if any of yourselves (or anyone else in your Group) would be interested in featuring?
All we would need is answers to the attached Word document (around 400-450 words in total please), and a high res photo of either yourself and your motorhome or just your motorhome on its own.
If you are not a confident writer, we are happy to take down your answers over the phone or pad out entries where necessary.
Do let me know if this is something you'd be up for doing or if you have any further questions!
Many thanks,
Jade Soanes
Direct line 01502 725840
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Note:- The Word document, referred to in para 3 above and entitled Me and My Van Questionnaire,  is available to download from Members Area – Documents – Public Downloads.
A copy of a Me and My Van article that appeared in the May 2019 club magazine is also available to download in the same area.